The Best Push Lawn Mower For Women

Which will be the best push lawn mower for women? According to a statistic of MSNBC in 2007, more and more women love taking in hand for mowing the lawn. A recent survey points out that about 689 women want to have a neat trimmed grass and beautiful lawn outlook. That’s the reason why they take care of using the mowers a lot. Therefore, this post will introduce some suitable products that can be suited for them. Let’s take a look now!

Best Reel Mowers

To those women who have a high consciousness about environment or don’t want to annoy with starter battery, gas, or corded, a push reel lawn mower will become the best choice. These products are extremely quiet in comparison with the gas-powered ones. According to MSNBC, the number of reel products is increasing about 100,000 from 2002 to 2007. In addition, in 3 women, there are 2 persons choosing the reel mower. 

One of the most popular companies that have been especially designed reel lawn mowers for women is Power Draulics Inc. This company has examined the women’s ideas and then perform according to their demand – easy-to-use and durable. The Easy Push Reel Lawn Mower is the most impressive products with features which are for the women only i.e. six blades for an efficient cutting and bigger tires that roll smoothly.

Electric Mowers

Another choice for the women is the electric lawn mowers. It’s considered as the most suitable and effective tool which make them feel pleased and satisfied. There are 2 main kinds as cordless and corded mowers. Therefore, due to each different need, the women should think carefully in order to pick up the good mower.

  • Cordless mowers

Similar to the reel mowers, the cordless ones will be the perfect choice for those who dislike a noisy gas-powered product. All that they have to do is to charge the battery enough in order to take up the task. 

The Toro e-Cycler cordless mower acquired the best rating from many customers. It’s lightweight, small, and equipped with 4-inch cutting height, a 36-volt battery, and a mulching feature. However, the battery just uses for 3 hours, so the women need to pay attention to it in order to recharge in time.

  • Corded mowers

If you don’t like availing products with battery-powered, why don’t you change your need towards the corded ones? One of the greatest models that we want to introduce today is the Black and Decker MM875. When possessing this tool, you don’t care for recharging the battery when mowing. The MM875 includes 19-inch cutting path, a mulch option, and a folding handle that might bring a comfortable and effective feeling when cutting the grass. But, the main disadvantage of this product (or any corded ones) is the cord’s length because it might limit the mower’s range. 

In sum, any model has good and bad points. Therefore, you should pay attention to your demands to choose the best push lawn mower, especially for your woman or yourself (if you’re a lady). Or you enable to consult more useful information about using lawn mowers at that is related to the mowers. Hope that you can receive all you want!